Are you FAA certified?
While there are rules for both hobbyist and commercial sUAS pilots, commercial service providers must pass an FAA aeronautical knowledge test to show competency in the understanding of FAA rules and regulations, airspace, weather and weather sources, airport/field operations and a host of other topics critical to the safe operation of unmanned aircraft in national airspace.  This certification allows an operator to legally provide you with commercial services.Type your paragraph here.

Do you carry liability insurance?
Safe operation of an sUAS or a drone as they are commonly called, is the first priority of any professional service provider.  Liability insurance shows that your operator is a part of a professional organization and is aware of the necessity to mitigate risks.

Who owns the copyright of the images and video?
Be clear with what you can and cannot do with the provided photographic or video deliverables.  As per the United States Patent and Copyright Office, it is generally the photographer that holds the copyright of images captured/taken.  Be sure to understand what your rights are to the deliverables.  Can you use and modify them?  Can you sell them? For what purposes can they be used?

Do you operate with a pre-planning checklist?

A professional service provider will be happy to discuss their pre-planning preparations.  This will provide insight to the level of professionalism, adherence to safety standards and ultimate quality of the deliverable you can expect to receive.

Is pricing clear and easy to understand?
If pricing is not clearly posted on the providers website, make sure you receive and fully understand your quote or estimate for services.  No one likes a bait and switch.

How are discrepancies resolved?
In the unlikely event that the deliverables are not what you wanted or expected, how will your service provider rectify these discrepancies?

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Just a few things to consider when selecting an aerial service provider.