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-Professional Planning.  At Pura Vida Aerial Photography we plan the work and then we work the plan.  We meticulously plan your project from

  requirements definition through site survey and production to post production, ensuring that your requirements are fully met the first time.

- Quality First. Our focus is on quality.  Our approach to managing and conducting your project can be seen during all phases of project execution.

- 100% Guarantee.  Even after hours of pre-planning, execution and post production, if you are not 100% satisfied with your deliverables you pay

   nothing.  Goose egg. Zilch. That's our guarantee to you.

-Payment Options.  Your payment options are flexible.  We accept check, debit cards, all major credit cards and PayPal.

  As the owner of Pura Vida Air, I rely on 20+ years of experience in managing projects from small tasks to complex Department of Defense

  programs.  Every job, regardless of size, will be professionally executed.

Why Us

Pura Vida Aerial Photography (Pura Vida Air) is an aerial drone photography company established to service the businesses, government agencies and corporate organizations in Brevard County, Florida.

The aerial photography industry continues to advance and mature from traditional methods of delivery such as kites, helium balloons, airplane and helicopter based platforms to more cost effective technologies such as drone platforms.  In addition, photographic and video products have become more vibrant and easier to manipulate and integrate into business and social media outlets with only a couple of clicks of a button.  As a result,  businesses now have an opportunity to leverage these technological advances for their business needs at a cost that is no longer prohibitive to business budgets.

With the recent release of FAA guidelines for both hobbyist and commercial Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) remote pilots, businesses can now seriously consider formally leveraging drone and photographic technologies to enhance and augment their individual offerings.  Whether it is aerial photography in support of residential and commercial real estate sales, or the added safety of deploying drone technology in lieu of risking human life for natural and structural inspections, or even the management of agricultural or commercial infrastructure projects, Pura Vida Air is here to help you meet your business needs and goals.  After all, sometimes it’s all about perspective.

-Your Pura Vida Aerial Photography Team

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Our Pledge

At Pura Vida Air we pledge to treat you, our customer, with dignity, respect and always in a professional manner

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide value added aerial imagery services to support your business needs and help facilitate your business goals

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